The flagship broadcast! Todd McDougall interviews a wide range of guests to discuss personal, local, national, and global issues. Todd’s informal style and personal approach has built the bedrock of the Prairie Truth network!

Live Thursdays 8pm CST

Shawn Henry keep both eyes firmly on the mainstream media and tell you all about their most recent nonsense. If you are in the media, and you are telling lies for money, Shawn is going to call you out. As for public figures and politicians, we wouldn’t want someone to feel left out!

Live Mondays 8pm CST

Wake-up with WAM is the network’s international, economics, and globalist news broadcast. Join Andy Brooksher for a look at the big picture issues at play in the world today. As an avowed control theorist, Andy keeps you up to speed with the machinations of the UN, the banksters, technocrats, and all those who would seek to control you and the world you live in!

Live Wednesday Mornings 10am CST

Join Beth Martens for Lead into Gold, WAM’s live call-in show, for coaching and insights on archetypal psychology. Beth’s years of searching into the powerful forces within the hearts and minds of every person can help you to learn about the forces inside of you. Learn how to understand and channel your inner archetypes to move forward on you personal hero’s journey!

Live Thursdays 3pm CST

RightSide VeganNews brings you a look at the issues and stories in your community as well as taking a look at being prepared for the potential effects of solar and terrestrial weather phenomena. Justin dives into Manitoba’s police state, fines, and ticketing. He then pulls back to check out sunspot cycles, the grand solar minimum, and magnetic pole excursions.

Live Wednesdays 8pm CST

Join Koen Johnson for a news effecting the youth, the province, and Canada at large. One of the most well-spoken young people you are likely to find, Koen brings second-hand tellings of first-hand encounters live and direct to his viewers.

Live Every Other Saturday 8pm CST

The WAM crew discusses anything and everything in this off-the-cuff, round-table style chat show. We never really know where the show is gonna go, so come join the fun!

Fridays 6:30pm CST

WAM Special Broadcasts are live and direct whenever there is something breaking or necessary that we just can’t wait to tell you about. So stay tuned for the braking news!!!