3 thoughts on “Maxine Bernier Interview with Todd McDougall

  1. Todd… I’ve had to SUSPEND my Fake Book. That’s the only place I hear about Rallies IF it posts those from your page to mine, which has NOT always done even tho I’m subscribed.
    Have today’s Provincial Press Release on in the background… WOW, their SCRIPTED, screened call in ‘journalists’ & their questions are sooo OBVIOUSLY PREDETERMINED & SLANTED to fit their narrative. SICKENING.. DEMONIC.
    Since you & Patrick & others in MB have had ‘wings clipped’, are you perhaps able to head up MB Chapter of sites like the amazing (from what I see) VACCINECHOICE.CA (who have Notices of Liabilities Forms avail that have been used to ‘serve’ School Boards & others TRYING to abuse our Medical/Masking/Vax rights & they have BACKED OFF.
    Can we form a COMMITTEE under their Site, for MB, to COUNSEL MBans about how to SERVE these locally?
    What is YOUR opinion about prudence of BLOCKING entrance to Bomber Game; some of us are quite concerned about the optics of that, versus using it as a ‘captive audience/market’ to hand out DRUTHERS Papers or Flyers listing the BEST CREDIBLE EXPERT INTERVIEWS, TESTIMONIES about all the FAKE NEWS on the PLANDEMIC & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? Your thots… as Patrick seems very clear he prefers ‘time to piss em off; time for education is over’.. which I think is just a bit premature.. shud wait & see how BAD the situation gets in Sept, ergo how many Vaxed will fall ill or drop dead, should WAKE MORE UP, you’d think? Thx! Dee 204-989-2413… ps just heard President Macron’s House has been set afire… :). Vive la France.. they have a long history of EFFECTIVE Civil Disobedience/Revolts.
    I strongly SUGGEST that Patrick & Co consult with Bigger Cities & how they would handle the No UnVaxed at Bomber Games, Jets Games, Lyric outdoor Theatre/Assb’ne Park, etc… & follow suit… they seem to have had more success & MUCH larger turn out, good experience MB could draw from. p.s I still like the idea of DOWLOADING said Best Vids/Testimonies/EVIDENCE of Plandemic & Agenda 21 & Harm/Deaths from fake ‘vax’ to a ZIP/THUMB DRIVE to hand out !!! (even @ the Bomber Game, versus have them delayed, miss their Beer Run & Kick Off.. will NOT bode well)

  2. I can’t figure out how you can have a pandemic when there are cures like hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Budesonide. People are dying while these cures are being ignored. Zinc, with vitamins D and C help reduce the severity. They aren’t even telling us about that. More people are injured and die from the jab they’re giving than from the flu it’s intended to prevent. It doesn’t even do that because many jabbed people are still getting the COVID flu. Spike Protein, Blood Clots, Graphene Oxide, Virus not isolated, Jab not fully tested, THE NUREMBERG CODE! (JAB NOT FULLY TESTED)

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