Calgary Teen Violently Assaulted for Skating Outdoors

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Watch the Video Below

Canada is under attack.

When the dogs in the Calgary Police can commit assault on a youth, the freedom of the nation is at stake. The freedom and rights of every person are under direct assault from the members of a psychopathic cult.

Listen to the voices of those looking-on. The concern. The confusion. They are under assault psychologically. And they are just kids.

Maybe they should be defending themselves and their friend. Maybe they should use proportional force to resist the violence being perpetrated on them. Maybe the ten or so strong young men should fight back against a violent attack from two women and one man. They do not.

Hopefully, we will not see more footage like this pouring in over the coming weeks and months. However, this is likely just the beginning. We the people have the power to stand up to violence with defensive force. When the dogs in the police don’t serve us, don’t protect us, we have the right endowed by our very humanity to protect ourselves.

Stand up, Canada!


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