Canada Introduces Compensation for Vaccine Damage BEFORE the Vaccine is Rolled Out

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Canada introduces national compensation program for vaccine injuries ahead of pandemic vaccine rollout

Calling the probability of adverse vaccine reactions “rare,” he CBC reports that those who do have such a reaction will be eligible for compensation, according to the federal government. The CBC goes on to call Health Canada’s “review of scientific evidence” “thorough” and “shows that the benefits outweigh the risks.” The article goes on to say that “the federal government said that the chances of someone experiencing a truly serious adverse reaction are ‘extremely rare – less than one in a million.'” With Canada’s current population sitting at about 38 million, if 39 or more people have adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine, does Health Canada become liable for failing to anticipate the severity of the risks? Also, how thorough can a review of any vaccine be when the vaccine in question was less than a year in the making? Especially a vaccine that skipped many, if not most, traditional testing and certification protocols like animal trials.

It should be pointed out, this vaccine injury support program is in place for all vaccines approved by Health Canada. That’s a lot of vaccines, and a lot of potential compensation payouts. Strange, but the CBC article does not mention where the funds for the compensatory payments will come from. Likely, as with most vaccine injury support programs, the money will come from the Canadian government. Which means you, the taxpayers of Canada, who have already paid for the vaccine out of your tax dollars whether you take it or not, will also be paying for damages wrought by this rushed, experimental vaccine. Seems to me like they have you coming and going.

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