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Sounds Crazy, But… It’s Trudeau
Episode 18 Five Days of B!d3n
Episode 17 Down with Government, Long Live Government
Episode 16 Interview with Adam Paton
Episode 15 Rules for Thee, But Not for Me Pt 2
Episode 14 Prelude to a Pandemic
Episode 13 Pontifications on Vaccinations or Shot Thoughts
Episode 12 The Will of The People
Episode 11 Positive News Stories
Episode 10 Rules for Thee, Not for Me
Episode 9 Just Say NO!
Episode 8 Winnipeg Lockdown Special
Episode 7 Corruption, Incompetence, or Both?!?
Episode 6 The 3 Reasons the Lock-downs Should End Yesterday
Episode 5 Pallister and Trudeau Try Not to Look Like Idiots
Episode 4 The CoVid Special
Episode 3 The Media is Breaking Down while the WHO Flip-Flops
Episode 2 The First Presidential Debate and Masks in Manitoba
Episode 1 Manitoba Code Orange Report