Facebook Censorship

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Winnipeg Alternative Media was not, repeat NOT, put in facebook jail. Our executive producer on his personal facebook account was given a 3 day ban from posting, which made sharing difficult, but not blocked. When reached for comment, Brandur said, “Although I did post that parents who put masks on their children might deserve a punch in the face, maybe they shouldn’t get punched in the face. But, putting a mask on your child is still wrong. So maybe they should get punched in the face.” His holiness the Zuck did not comment on the suspension of the profile, but we also didn’t reach out for his comment. The ban will be lifted on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Censorship

  1. Yeah, PARENTS WHO PUT MASK ON THEIR CHILD or CHILDREN are partaking in the psychological rape of their own child. To enhance my thought… PARENTS should be slapped first, not punched. When will the psychologically abandoned ignorant grown child perceived parents actually grow up? The second physical jolt, if need be, should be a punch. These are innocent Children with shit for brain parents. Masks on Children. Masks on Children. Mask on Children. #WorldViewViolence #ChildAbuse

  2. Facebook has blocked my account. This means I miss out on honest news.
    They require my ID before I get it back.
    ID wasn’t a requirement when I got my 1st account 20 years ago. Why now?

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